5 Tips on Starting Your Financial Accounting Career

If you’re thinking about a career in financial accounting, there’s never been a better time than now.

Here’s a few tips from us for anyone planning to get into financial accounting in the near future.

1) Be willing to learn

Accounting standards are constantly changing, and companies look for someone who will keep on top of changes.

2) Keep up to date

You’ll need to keep on top of these changes in regulations by following the relevant standard setting bodies and influencers online.

3) Network

Are you a member of a professional accountancy body? If so, make sure you attend events and socialising opportunities. It’s an excellent way to meet other accountants who can guide you to good employers, advise you which companies to avoid, and possibly put in a good word for you.

4) Build your online presence

I don’t mean Facebook. Make sure you have a professional LinkedIn page which summarises your relevant work experience and qualifications. Also, if you have a blog or write articles, add them to your LinkedIn page. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter pages are kept professional, consider asking someone else to look over them and give you their opinion.

5) Get qualified

When competing for jobs, make sure you stand out by having relevant qualifications in the relevant area you want to work in. The basics are a good accountancy qualification, such as chartered or ACCA. Even once you have this, more can help. For internal auditors, consider studying for the ‘CIA’, Certified Internal Auditors course. If you want a career in financial accounting, the Diploma in IFRS shows potential employers you have the skills required.