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5 Tips to get the Most Out of your ACCA Careers Fair

Careers fairs are a great way to meet potential employers, and talk face to face with your future colleagues. Too often we arrive unprepared and miss the great opportunities available. Here are our Top 5 tips when attending ACCA Careers Fairs.

1. Make a Good First Impression

Dress well. The people you meet at the careers fair could be the people who interview you at a later date. If you arrive dressed like a hobo, or as if you’re just home from partying the night before, you’ll send all the wrong signals. Turn up dressed like the professional you are.

2. Research the Employers

Make a list of companies and accounting firms you might like to work at. Have a look at their websites and see what vacancies are available, as this will allow you to focus your questions on the day. Too often, attendees at careers fairs know little or nothing about the organisations they meet. This can waste a great opportunity to find out more about your prospective employers.

3. Take Notes

Jot down your thoughts on the people you meet, the companies you approach, and the impressions they make. When you get home in the evening, or in the days after, it can be easy to forget the finer details.

4. Take Business Cards

Everyone you meet at the stands will have business cards, and for good reason. Be sure to ask them for their cards, so if you think of any questions you may have missed earlier, you can follow up with them afterwards.

5. Bring your CV

The employers you meet are there to hire. Most will gladly accept your CV if you have it handy on the day. This also reinforces point number 1, be sure to present yourself well, and dress well. The minute you walk away from the stand, the employer is likely to jot down their thoughts on you, and whether you’d be a good fit for their company/firm. Make sure that CV gets to the top of the pile.